Seshen Lamen

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The symbolism of the lamen has many levels of meaning. In one sense the 10 petals of the lotus represents the 10 steps of Hermetic attainment, outlined in the text Initiation into Hermetics, and the three lights of the letter 'shin' represent the three levels of training in each of these steps. The lamen therefore can be seen a visual reminder of the practitioner's noble vow to complete this course of work within their lifetime. 

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My life's work has been to learn and master the art of meditation. To do this I have practiced and studied meditation with unbroken, daily discipline for over two decades as taught in the works of Franz Bardon. However, just like Bardon himself, I have also dedicated my life to gathering what is of use from different traditions around the world - whether hidden in the Japanese mountains, Egyptian desert or with the Indian yogis.

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