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In the true fashion of Indiana Jones. I am heading to the town of Opava in the Czech Republic to visit the son of the legendary Czechoslovakian Magus Franz Bardon!

I plan to fly to Prague and then catch a series of trains.  Something I am dreading due to my experiences with trains in Japan. It doesn’t matter how efficient the service if you don’t speak the language!

While I am there I hope to meet some of his remaining students visit his house and view some of his belongings. I also hope to use his amazing scrying mirror made from the 7 planetary metals.

About Martin

My life's work has been to learn and master the art of meditation. To do this I have practiced and studied meditation with unbroken, daily discipline for over two decades as taught in the works of Franz Bardon. However, just like Bardon himself, I have also dedicated my life to gathering what is of use from different traditions around the world - whether hidden in the Japanese mountains, Egyptian desert or with the Indian yogis.

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