First thoughts on America

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I have arrived in Dayton Ohio. I'm here to train with Ninja masters Stephen K Hayes so am in the dojo 8 hours a day but… Here are my thoughts on America so far

The people are more friendly than in England. Far more helpful and seem very happy.

Everything costs a lot less.

Their Shops are as big as our shopping malls.

The people dream of great things and are full of hope.

They don't get sarcasm.

Everyone drives a pickup truck but never seem to have anything in the back of them.

Sleep is not sacred here. People seem to be happy to wake each other up.

The Television is terrible. I mean really terrible. I find it very educational. Every time I'm near it I go a read a book instead.

Taco Bell rules.

In summary. Almost everything you buy rent or stay in you will get a better value for money. I'm typing this from the business room in my hotel. The hotel has two swimming pools and a gym. All free to use for guests. In the UK, you would have to be in a very good hotel for this come as part of the package.

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My life's work has been to learn and master the art of meditation. To do this I have practiced and studied meditation with unbroken, daily discipline for over two decades as taught in the works of Franz Bardon. However, just like Bardon himself, I have also dedicated my life to gathering what is of use from different traditions around the world - whether hidden in the Japanese mountains, Egyptian desert or with the Indian yogis.

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