Filming The Butterfly Tai Chi DVD

Filming The Butterfly Tai Chi DVD

I have just got back from filming the new Butterfly Tai chi Dvd With Peter Georgi from Halo films. The book has been such a spectacular success that I was approached to create a DVD version of the set.

Inspired by observing butterflies Tai Chi Master Martin Faulks developed a system of Tai Chi that could be performed in a limited space and within a relatively short time. He designed Tai Chi movements that naturally enhance the Qi flow in the order directed by Chinese medicine and whilst it can be used to treat a wide variety of illnesses, its real power is in preventing illness. Succinct and effective the reader can learn this form of Tai Chi within a day and can be performed anywhere -no matter how little space available.

DVD Contents

Tai Chi Warm up (Yin Yang Toner)

Basic Butterfly Tai Chi Set


  • Lifting Water High Pat on Horse
  • Needle at the Bottom of Sea
  • Golden Cockerel Stands on one leg
  • Opening the chest
  • Turn to look at the moon
  • Closing the Door

Advanced Butterfly Tai Chi Set

  • Lifting Water
  • Alternate Punching
  • Dreading the sea and reaching for the Sky
  • Push Kick
  • Opening the Rainbow
  • Double Dragons spiral round the Pillar
  • Closing the Door  

DVD Extras

  • What is Tai Chi?
  • An explanation of its names True meaning.
  • About the nature of Tai Chi exercises.
  • Where did it come from?
  • About the tai chi legend
  • About Taoism
  • What is this mysterious force called Chi?
  • About Yin and Yang
  • The clinically proven health benefits of Tai Chi

You can buy a copy by clicking here!

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