How to be a Twitter Ninja

How to be a Twitter Ninja

How did you get so many followers on Twitter?

This is a question I get asked a lot. My twitter followers just went over the 30,000 mark! That’s more than Evander Holyfield! I think a lot of this is due to the great success of my Butterfly Tai Chi book. As soon as it came out my followers shot up by over 10,000. I also notice a jump every time a get a good book review or some press coverage. So Twitter, in my opinion, is something that reflects the public’s awareness of your work. Not something for gaining awareness.

There are however some things I have learned over the years about Twitter promotion which improve your recruitment and retention of Twitter followers.

Here are my tips for anyone wanting to gain more Twitter followers:

  1. Don’t Bore People: Twitter is micro-blogging. Yes, it’s ok to mention what you’re doing eating and thinking, but try to keep the main focus on the exciting things happening in your life.

  2. Be Informative: If you find something useful to you tell others about it.

  3. Be Interactive: Don’t just tweet and go. Twitter is all about conversation.

  4. Be Promotional: Yes, it’s okay to promote your own work, as long as it’s not all self-promotion.

  5. Don’t Devalue the Currency: Don’t twitter too much. If you start sending out updates every few minutes people will get overwhelmed.

  6. Follow Back: Always follow back and pay attention to those who follow you.

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