My New Spy Watch!

Two of my best friends have opened there own spy gadget shop. It’s on the back of their movie Erasing David. It’s amazing. As soon as I saw the shop I noticed the spy watches. I had to buy one. Normally priced between £1000 and £700 they have them at £99. 

It can discreetly record high res video and audio for up to 9 hours! Its also a watch that you don’t have to buy batteries for as you just recharge is by plugging it into you computer (which you do to upload your movies). So what do you use it for. There are a lot of uses for it even if your not a spy. Well it’s a good way to record important meetings that you may need a record of later. It’s a wonderful way to make a record of anything you need to minute later but don’t have a pen handy or a way to record your thoughts. What will I will use it for. Well I am using it to write this blog. I just record my thoughts on the watch and then run it thought a speech recognition system. It’s a way to write books and articles for people like me who just can’t face time in front of a computer screen after work. Its always with me so I can add things when ever I think of them.

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