My Training

My training and life’s work has been to learn and master the art of meditation. To do this I have practiced with unbroken discipline and also studied with the greatest circumspection. Practicing meditation as taught in the works of Franz Bardon daily and for over 20 years while gathering what is of use from the different traditions, monasteries, and spiritual schools – wherever they may be.
My studies have been directed by my personal development rather than any worldly motive. Whenever I come up against a barrier in my learning or need a new skill to continue improving, I have sought out a teacher who can help or specialises in that skill or ability. This process has taken me across the world to study under Hermetic and Rosicrucian masters in Bohemia and to masters of Chinese Taoism, Indian Yoga, and even to the legendary Yamabushi monks in the mountains of Japan. At all times my mind has been directed towards learning what is needed to evolve and continue my spiritual development.

My inner quest is to discover my full potential through the art of meditation and to use this skill to make the most of my time on earth and have the most beneficial effect while I am here. To bring out the best in myself in order to be of best service to the world. 

For me meditation is the ultimate skill in my training, the mastery of which leads to mastery of all other skills. The potential that lies in our own consciousness, if used correctly, never ceases to amaze me, and I believe that it is through this inner study we as a race can learn to live in greater harmony with our own bodies and with the world around us. Only when our knowledge of inner technologies and abilities matches our outer progress will we reach our full potential.

Of course the greatest lessons come from practice and, through diligent daily dedication to the art of meditation, I have gained what I believe is a clear vision of the full potential in us all. How the vibrations created through our meditation can become one with our daily consciousness.

Having no barriers to my training, learning, and constant improvement, I therefore have the greatest interest in all areas of mind science and studies related to mental control and concentration. I have dedicated time to studying traditional techniques with modern scientific equipment and am available to experts studying these arts.

In the past I found that my ability and understanding evolved best when I sort out new challenges, and tested myself with trials under the kind guidence of great teachers.

As things have progressed I have found the need for outer search replaced with the desire for direct perception. Thus I have become focused on refining the intuition and higher senses, striving to consistantly maintain the higher levels of conciousness and learning to view the truth directly.

Yamabushi monks