Places Available in New Hermetic Meditation School

Places Available in New Hermetic Meditation School

Teaching Hermetic Meditation

A few weeks ago, as I sat with a friend in the middle of a tower block in central London, surrounded by a giant hub of secure servers, he outlined an idea that really inspired me – a Hermetic School. It would act as a platform for teachers around the world, enabling them to aid others on their path. Somewhere where the focus would be on the education and improvement of its students above all things. And an institution where, rather than creating one single guru as a star, everyone would work together as equals, creating a constellation.

For me this was very moving; we could learn from the specialisations of others and thus become more balanced. We could foster an environment full of positive people where we could learn and improve together, protected from negative influences. Perhaps in time, there could even be a physical retreat where people could come to stay and participate in courses. He asked if I would be willing to be part of such a venture in the role of a teacher.

I thought about it for a few minutes, mulling over his words and the possibilities. For years people have been asking me to teach them but, due to work commitments and the time required for my own progression through the art, I have always declined. As I sat there I imagined what good could be done if I was to train a small number of students to the degree that their aptitude surpassed my own. I have decided that if I can find a group of dedicated individuals to undertake this path of discipline and the self-transformation needed to progress, then I will move my attention to aiding them as fully as possible, viewing their progress as being linked with my own and creating opportunities in the future for them in turn to pass on these teachings. The ripple from this level of awakening could be very positive.

I agreed.

Within a few days of this conversation, word of the potential school had got out; long before anything was in place. Since then the number of requests via Facebook, Twitter and email has started to snowball. It is for this reason I have decided that I need to put something in place while the actual Hermetic Academy is still being developed.

If you would like to study Hermetic Meditation as my student, here are the steps you need to make:

1) Please visit and watch the following playlists on YouTube, commenting on each video so I know you have watched them. This shows me that you are serious and ensures you have a good grounding in my approach and what I am promoting. It also allows you to decide if I am the right teacher for you. 

2) Order a copy of the following books

Becoming the Lotus.

This small book will show you all the lessons needed for seated meditation posture, allowing me to concentrate on more advanced lessons with you. I will start you off with basic postures and give you a routine leading to the more advanced lotus posture.

Initiation into Hermetics by Franz Bardon

This is the best book ever published on the subject and will be needed as things progress.

The Emerald Tablet

This book is a complete guide to the underlying process behind the Hermetic path. If Initiation into Hermetics tells you what to do, this book tells you why you are doing it.

3) If we are not already friends on Facebook, please send me a friend request and introduce yourself. I will then make sure you have completed steps one and two before adding you to the private group called Hermetic Meditation, where you can introduce yourself to the rest of the members. It is through this group you will be given two meditation exercises/challenges that you will need to demonstrate mastery of in order to be accepted as a student.

Once accepted you will be part of a small, dynamic group who under my guidance are aiming for life mastery through the Hermetic teachings, but who have no barriers to learning from other traditions or masters. You will be guided through my own hermetic meditation methods and be set ongoing challenges that test your ability. There will be a small monthly fee that will contribute to growing our school in the future. This will give you access to personalised instruction and regular contact to aid your progress. You will also be entitled to attend a yearly retreat with myself and other teachers.

This group will initially be hosted on Facebook but will be moved to the Hermetic Acadamy website as soon as it is ready.

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