Press Coverage for Becoming A Ninja Warrior

Happy New Year! I have been so taken up with the festivities over the last two weeks that I almost missed the press coverage for my latest book Becoming a Ninja Warrior. Luckily I have friends and staff who keep a closer eye on these things than I do.

We have had some lovely two-page features and reviews in the Eastern Daily Press, Eastern Evening News, Bungay and Beccles Journal, as well as upcoming features in Snippets Magazine, Natural Health Magazine, and the Watkins Book Review.

I am happy to say all the reviews are very positive

Here are some quotes:

Martin Faulks: Becoming a Ninja Warrior – Charts the breathtaking journey of North Suffolk’s Real Life Ninja – The Eastern Daily Press

Becoming a Ninja Warrior by Martin Faulks – A masterpiece of spiritual adventure and personal challenge – Watkins Books Review


Return from Ninjutsu Training in Japan


Paris Connections Film Premiere


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