I hope you are doing well during this challenging time. In response to requests from students and followers of my Channel, I will be offering a limited number of hour long private lessons via Skype. I would be happy to assist you with whatever topic you would like to work on – meditation, setting up a routine, techniques for your next step in IIH, meditation practice, the art of memory, soul mirror work, or personal development.

Preliminary Meeting

Unless you are a subscribed member of the Seshen School it will be important for us to have an initial 20-minute session for us to meet and discuss your current practices, what it is you are wanting to achieve and to talk about realistic aims for further sessions together. I will send out a questionnaire to be completed in advance.


Develop excellence through inner harmony by perfecting the ancient art of Meditation. Learn to focus your mind fully to bring forth your full potential with direct guidance from a specialist in this art.

For demonstrations of the power and effectiveness of this art, please click here:

This is suitable for beginners to more advanced practitioners and can be tailored to your specific aims whether this is for relaxation, to cultivate a particular virtue or you wish to simply to gain the benefits of an established meditation practice.

Hermetic Tuition

If you are wanting to follow the Bardon system as outlined in Initiation Into Hermetics, it is strongly recommended you join the Seshen School of Hermetic Meditation. However, if following your preliminary meeting we agree for you to complete IIH as a personal student only, be aware that this will require a dedication of at least one lesson a month with a minimum commitment of a year, plus 3-monthly reviews of progress.


Is there something you would like to commit yourself to? A skill you want to learn or a healthy discipline you want to bring into your life, but something is preventing you from being able to apply yourself? Let’s work together to overcome the inner and outer barriers that stand in the way of you establishing your stable practice routine. Make an investment in self-care and self-development as we instigate tried and tested methods to bring a new blessing into your daily life.

The Art of Memory

Through Private Lessons, learn how to build your own memory palace and to master the principles that allow your mind to store and retrieve information upon command. Still relevant today this ancient art has been scientifically proven to rewire the brain for superior recall and bring about long term improvements to functional memory. Tuition is available to all ages and could be shared by a family all looking to advance together.

To see some of the potential of this art please click here.

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Slots are very limited so please consider booking in bulk to keep your space reserved.

Members of the Seshen School of Meditation receive a discount please email to book.

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How Are Online Private Lessons Conducted?

All classes take place on Sundays via Skype.

Before you book your class make sure you have the following:

1. An internet connection with Skype installed with a camera, speakers or headphones, and a microphone.

2. A strong, stable internet connection.

3. A peaceful environment where you will not be disturbed.

4. Classes are conducted between 8am -12pm and 3pm-8pm Greenwich meantime.

Please email me to schedule your classes before payment.