Martin Faulks is considered by many to be one of the most effective publishing professional in the United Kingdom today. He certainly has a talent for building a vibrant publishing program that gains attention in the media and a buzz online, indeed any project he is involved in seems to catch mainstream press attention.
His career highlights include best-selling titles in the Mind Body Spirit genre such as “Turning the Hiram Key," “The Rosslyn Hoax," “The Secret of Solomon’s Temple," and “The Genesis of Freemasonry," all of which gained extensive national coverage.
He was also responsible for the publication of three books by legendary pop producer Pete Waterman, including the “Fame Factor: The Guide to Getting the Most out of Your Talent." Most recently, Martin has promoted his own works on Ninjutsu and his time studying with the Ninja in Japan. Anyone who reads newspapers could scarcely have missed the press coverage for the Norfolk, or Norwich, Ninja.
Indeed, Martin seems to have a talent for making sure that the projects he is involved in are featured on television, radio, and in newspapers.
But Martin’s work hasn’t been limited to books. He has also promoted pop artists, movies, and DVDs. Most impressively, Martin was in charge of the online promotion for the first Tescos-funded movie, “Paris Connections," which the press called “The Start of Trolleywood." And you can see Martin thanked in the credits. Martin also produced Norfolk based thriller “Evil Never Dies" and has also been involved in other film projects and DVD projects, with companies like Halo Films and Channel Four and the Discovery Channel.

Current Employment

Martin is a publishing professional, his talents are fully utilised during his employment as the General Manager of Lewis Masonic, the world’s largest Masonic publisher. Martin came to Lewis Masonic with the aim to support Freemasonry. Over the last two decades, Martin has been working tirelessly to expand the company and to develop and develop range accessible to people with Masonic interest across the world. During Martins employment Lewis Masonic has thrived and that each year our sales increase.
Martin recently described himself to the Bookseller magazine
“I’m an enthusiastic leader with a specialisation in generating broad sheet coverage and mass media publicity. I really enjoy creating a buzz about a new product and the creativity that this entails. I am always looking for new ways to reach a wider audience and to generate interest."

About Lewis Masonic

Lewis Masonic, founded in 1801, is the largest and oldest Masonic publisher in the world. Lewis Masonic is well-known to English Freemasons, as Lewis produces many of the ritual books used by United Grand Lodge of England lodges and Holy Royal Arch Chapters. Originally called “A Lewis", the name was a pseudonym for John Hogg, who was a Scottish Freemason from Edinburgh who was living in London. Originally the company focused all of its efforts on ritual books, minute books and other products for use in Lodges.
Nowadays, Lewis Masonic is an imprint of Ian Allan Publishing (having been acquired in 1973), I came to Lewis Masonic in 2001 to aid in expanding its publishing to reach a broader audience. Since then I have been responsible for four Masonic bestsellers and over 170 new books on Freemasonry. I have appeared on over 50 radio shows alongside authors and on national television.

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