Something Still Inside

Something Still Inside

In my experience, spiritual insights are extremely personal and very hard to convey others. It’s quite often that I have what I see as an amazing breakthrough and then when I come to explain it to people I know, I can see that although intellectually they can grasp what I’m saying, it doesn’t have the same impact in meaning to them as it did to me. The same may well be true in reverse. I dread to think a number of times people in trying to get a very important point across to me and I’ve been unable to take on the full meaning of what they have said. Recently a rare exception to this rule occurred in my life.

My friend Joss Guin (check out his website  is a long-term student of yoga and was sitting meditating when an insight came to him. He realised that in order to see a change in himself and the world around him something within him had to be still. His growing realisation that there must be something inside must be beyond time to see time pass made him aware of the immortal part of himself. The insight was not just emotional it was experiential. He felt this part of himself. He truly realised his immortality.

When Joss discussed this with me it caused a cascade of insights. Joss had discovered the only firm and permanent thing inside himself. The only thing that will carry on after death. Some could say he discovered the philosopher’s Stone immortal spirit those who read hermetic writings would be reminded of the following quote from the Copus Hermeticum.


ALL that is moved, O Asclepius, is it not moved in something and by something?

2. Asclep. Yes, indeed.

3. Herm. Must not that in which a thing is moved, of necessity be greater than the thing that is moved?

4. Of necessity”

So from the hermetic point of view, Joss had discovered his true self. What was most exciting was that like Joss I felt it inside the moment we talked. Something about the insight of needing that permanence to observe change made it easy to sense.

Take a few moments after reading this blog. Can you feel the part of you that’s immovable and unchanging?

Once we recognise this timeless part of ourselves then we can see the timeless underlying all things.

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