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Facebook was recently used by the British press to misquote two-way communications, to further ridicule and embarrass a Freemason when they ran out of material to write about in the Daily Mail, Sun and Metro.

Martin Faulks is a well-known Freemason who has studied the Hermetic path as taught for 17 years. Recently he produced a series of videos on youtube demonstrating advanced meditation skills. The videos include slowing the heartbeat with the power of the mind, meditating in sub-freezing temperatures, holding the breath for long periods, holding and walking on hot coals, and feats of strength and pain resistance. One video also demonstrates and previously unseen level of control over brainwaves. These demonstrations were produced as part of ongoing correspondence at Portsmouth university and are the first time such skill has ever been demonstrated by a westerner. However, because Martin had previously written a book about his time training in Japan with the Ninja Grandmaster the press used this a means to mock and belittle these practices. Sensational articles about the Norfolk Ninja appeared in all papers UK newspapers, each with mocking and sarcastic tones.  In a response to all this Martin has decided to withdrawal from public demonstration and to focus on his own studies. His words to me were “The ancients were right when they said you should not reveal secrets because people will laugh at you and not understand.” He has had to leave work for a while and go into hiding from reporters wishing to ridicule him further. YES! THE REASON I MENTION THIS IS – doesn’t this STORY remind you of the reaction that C.R. had in both Spain and Germany on his return with new secrets that could help everyone who cared to listen and why his small band withdrew privately, only to reveal their secrets, when the public was more enlightened and receptive. A modern-day lesson from the Rosicrucians!!!! A.M. Lees 2012.

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