The Greatest Guru

From the hermetic point of view Life and fate are our greatest teachers. The whole of the corpus hermeticum is an analogy. Hermes being taught by the mind of God is about learning from the whole of existence.  To adopt these teachings we need to become Hermes who was taught still inside and watch the unfolding of the universe around him.  Just as you control your body with your mind the mind of god moves the body of existence.

Everything has meaning and the challenges life place in your path are always an opportunity to learn. When a challenge is put in our way it’s a reminder that the divine has not forgotten us and that we can learn a lesson.

Everything that occurs in the natural world follows the laws of nature. By paying attention we can learn these laws and start to understand the workings of the divine order. Using the principles of “As above so below” and the Four Elements as the guide the Hermetic student can find the blessing of agathodaemon and the aeonic consciousness he so desires.

The Heart Sutra




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