Yoga and Hermeticism

Yoga and Hermeticism

Hermeticism and Yoga have had a long relationship ongoing relationship.

We know that in ancient Egypt in the city of Alexandria, there were Indian yogi who had come to Egypt to exchange knowledge. The exact motives for their visit are not known, but there are strong hints that they were very interested in spending time at the library to further their medical knowledge.
In those times these wandering mystics (whether Brahman, Hindu or Buddhist) were called Gymnosophists, meaning “naked philosophers”. They were called this because at the time the yogi took their vow of poverty very seriously and thus owned no clothing. Some people have wondered if the Greek practice of gymnastics or nude exercise actually came from yogic asana taught by these masters.

The Hermetic practitioners had great respect for the yogi and felt their philosophy and spiritual teachings were like them – naked. Because the yogi stood beyond all worldly matters, they were able to really be objective, truthful and unclouded.  We know that this wisdom and detachment was very valued by Hermetic practitioners and that they would turn to the yogi for advice on matters that involved restoring health and harmony. This respect seems to have been mutual as it seems the yogis were welcomed as members of Hermetic groups.

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