How to Join The Seshen Meditation School

The Seshen Meditation School needs to make sure our group only consists of dedicated individuals really willing to undertake the path of discipline and the self-transformation needed to progress. For this reason, there are a series of challenges in place for any potential students. This ensures we can all work together in harmony and that I can focus my attention on aiding the student as fully as possible, viewing their progress as being linked with my own and creating opportunities in the future for them, in turn, to pass on these teachings. The ripple from this level of awakening could be very positive.

If you would like to study Hermetic Meditation as my student, here are the steps you need to make:

Step One

Please visit and watch the following playlist on YouTube. This is a great way to start your training and ensures you have a good grounding in my approach and what I am promoting. It also allows you to decide if I am the right teacher for you. START HERE

Step Two

Order a copy of the following books Here

Step Three

If you are not already on Facebook please register as the school functions through private Facebook groups, videos, and educational units.

Click Here to set up your monthly Subscription Fee of £25

Once this is completed you will be sent a link to the first group via email. Please then send a request to join this the private group which is called Hermetic Meditation. An admin will then be in touch to make sure you have the required reading, once this is confirmed you will be added and can introduce yourself to the rest of the members.

The guidance and encouragement offered through this group will then support you to complete the meditation exercise that you will need to demonstrate mastery of in order to progress.

Where to find us

The Seshen School of Hermetic Meditation
The Yoga Tree
50 All Saints Green,
Norwich, Norfolk NR1 3NB
United Kingdom

Send your enquiry into joining joining The Seshen School of Hermetic Meditation here.