Initiation Into Hermetics

Franz Bardon - Everything that is

Franz Bardon

Illustrated by iBayly

Hermetics, or Hermeticism, is a set of philosophical and religious beliefs based on the Hellenistic Egyptian pseudepigraphical writings attributed to Hermes Trismegistus. These texts hold the secrets of the far older, mystical wisdom from Ancient Egypt and are said to cause a change in anyone who reads them. The best known of these texts, known as The Divine Pymander, describes an enlightenment experience. In this the character Hermes Trismegistus, who is said to represent the Egyptian god Thoth (or maybe a hybrid of the Egyptian god Thoth and the Greek deity Hermes), experiences a meditation which allows him to see the creation of the universe and the underlying structure behind it; to learn directly from the divine voice. To him the four elements are unfolded and through this he learns to control and silence the mind, and to come out of the body to explore the spiritual realms.
For me, Hermetics is a term that covers all spiritual interests and exploits. Everything which is correct and everything which is effective is contained in the path of Hermetics. The practice and study of the Hermetic path is the most beautiful and rewarding thing a person can do with their life. Hermetics is a path of daily adjustment and daily dedication. You need to be diligent and stick to set hours and to focus yourself on interacting directly with the energies involved. It’s also important to keep a calm and balanced lifestyle in order to make progress in his path.
I am primarily directed by the works of the Czech Magus Franz Bardon (pictured) and have dedicated my daily efforts to follow his path. I find they reflect a genuine meditative path, as originally contained in the Corpus Hermeticum and The Emerald Tablet.
I also believe that through the practice of Hermetics you can discover far more than you ever could from merely reading. Indeed, the writings of Franz Bardon have meanings on so many levels that, as your path and life progresses, you start to realize how deep and instructive they truly are. Not only have I had the honour to meet some of the students of Franz Bardon, but indeed to meet and learn directly from his son, Lumir Bardon, when I visited his home town in the Czech Republic.
Hermetics is a subject that one shouldn’t talk much about. It’s almost as if by talking about it, you release some of the energy behind your intentions and lose your direction. However, I also believe that it’s extremely important to encourage others who are on a genuine path of Hermetic enlightenment and to ensure they have access to information that, with hard work and diligence, can allow them to progress along the true path of perfection. For that reason, I’ve dedicated much of my life to making sure that the texts of Franz Bardon and of his students remain available to anyone who wishes to read them.