The Universal Way- The 10 Life Principles

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 The Universal Way

The philosophy of living by Martin Faulks – 10 life principles  

  1. Associate With Your Higher Self

Beyond your body, above your mind, there is a light within you. This light shines forth as a force of beauty, awareness and good intentions. You are that light, let this light shine through the whole of your being and out into the world.

   2. Truth Is The Way

Let go of any limitations and seek what is true, free from tradition or associations. Let this be your guru and your universal philosophy

    3. Life Is The Path

Every moment is a chance to be enlightened. We are all on the same spiritual path, that path is called life. Aspire to fully engage and learn from every moment, embracing all aspects of being and applying the underlying laws of existence to all your endeavours. 

    4. Let Good Intentions Guide Your Actions

In all actions make the best outcomes for all be your aim. Let your presence bring peace and kindness and keep eternity in view in all undertakings.

    5. Excellence Through Harmony

Develop oneness and awareness by always being sure to work with the flow of existence. Make nature your closest ally and the scheme of totality your greatest empowerment

    6. Train to Master Your Consciousness

The most loving thing you can do for yourself and the greatest gift you can give to the world is the evolution of your consciousness. Dedicate time every day to the perfection of the mastery of your own mind as through it comes the mastery of all skills and arts

    7. All Things are Magical

All things have influence and resonance, everything has a vibration. Every object is a talisman, all clothes are ritual robes, your words are incantations. Find and use the hidden forces in all things and in all your undertakings 

    8. Simplicity 

Make room for blessings and excellence in your life. Take only what you need. Prioritise the use of skillfulness and cunning to make your actions more effective, rather than through forcefulness or excessive effort. Create by reducing rather than continuously building up. Focus on quality before quantity in all things

   9. Temperance to Keep Equilibrium 

Consider it your most sacred duty to keep balance and control at all times. Let go of anything that disrupts your clear vision and self-control. 

    10. Transform All Things To Gold

Just as waste is transformed in nature, let your own nature make the best of all things. Allow your vices to grow to virtues and embrace the circumstances and hardships of life as opportunities or lessons.

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Whoever has awareness is enlightened, for awareness is light and light is awareness – The Definitions of Hermes to Asclepius


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