A Yoga New Centre in Norwich

A Yoga New Centre in Norwich

Yoga Classes in Norwich

The Yoga Tree & Acorn Cafe

A Yoga Center in Norwich

If you have read my blog, seen my YouTube channel or know me then you will know one of my greatest friends is a yoga teacher. You may know him as Swami Atmagyanam Saraswati or as Joss Guin. He specialises in a form of yoga called Bhava yoga, which uses imagination to help the practitioner connect with the posture and keep the class fun, focused and relaxed.

An exciting new development has just begun!  

A Place for Yoga Lessons

If you are interested in yoga classes in Norwich, or if you live in the Norfolk area and want private tuition you will want to visit the Yoga Tree Centre! Situated on 50 All Saints Green in central Norwich, it offers a range of classes on a variety of styles of yoga for beginners and advanced practitioners alike. Classes include hatha, vinyasa, Iyengar and even physiotherapy consultations. But there’s more. . .

The Yoga Tree also offers yoga teacher training courses, workshops and meditation training with yours truly (more on this later).

And don’t worry if all these types of yoga don’t mean anything to you, just phone up or send an email and they will be more than happy to find the right class for you. Alternatively, drop by any beginners class. You could even try a few out and find out which one you like best!


A Place for Great Coffee, Cake and Company! It’s not just a yoga centre, there is also the Acorn Cafe, a hidden gem for anyone looking for a good place to spend a few minutes away from the hustle and bustle of the city. Run by Swami Atma’s wife Sophie, it’s a wonderful place to get a drink, snack or even lunch. Sophie has spent years perfecting her food, using only the finest ingredients. Her French background really comes to the fore with her latest offerings. A self-professed lover of hot chocolate and cake, Kitty has already given the cafe her own seal of approval! However, the wide selection of tea and good, wholesome food on offer will also please those of you looking for a healthier treat. You don’t have to be interested in yoga to visit, so if you’re nearby just drop in.

Meditation Classes with Martin Faulks For those of you who have been looking for the chance to learn directly from me, in person (for the online school search for Seshen) you now have the chance. This will be a chance to learn a universal system of meditation from myself. Drawn from my extensive and ongoing research and travels to Japan, Egypt and Eastern Europe. Starting on January 17th I will be holding a monthly meditation class at the Yoga Tree Centre. Taking place on the 3rd Sunday of each month, 11.30am. £5 drop-in, free for paying members of the Seshen School of Meditation.    



Would you like to Train with the Yamabushi in Japan?


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