Like Father Like Son

Like Father Like Son

50 Years Ago – 7th August 1964

Quick thinking and prompt action by four Stonehaven teenagers probably saved the life of Mr Thomas Boyd (24), who got into difficulties in the swimming pool on Monday afternoon. My Boyd dived off the springboard, trying to do a somersault, and landed awkwardly, temporarily stunning himself. he went under the water at a depth of 7ft, 6inc, and did not resurface.

Peter Shankley (18), who was in the pool, dived down and pulled the man to the surface, and Richard Faulks (17) helped to get him to the edge of the pool. Once at the water’s edge, Brian Duncan (17) took over and applied artificial respiration to Mr Boyd. When he began to tire Morag MGillivray (17) took over. A doctor was telephoned for but none were available. Mr Boyd was found to be all right but he had received quite a shock.



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