Protecting the Good Mind

Protecting the Good Mind

Think carefully, what are the things you value in life – your house, your relationships, your health, your reputation? What measures do you take to protect these valuable things? Do you have home insurance? Do you dress well, or workout? Do you do your best to keep those you adore close to you?

Could there be something even more valuable? Something that underpins and supports all this?

In ancient Hermetic texts they talk of something very precious called the ‘Good Mind’.  This was seen as a specific state of consciousness which would bring out the best in you and allow you to have a clear perception of how things truly are. More than just a state of mental equilibrium, but also an uplifting, aware, and inspired mental posture. Just think of you on your very best days when you feel most yourself, most in tune, and in harmony with the world and others.

Now imagine if this state of mind was something you could learn to cultivate more of. Dare to dream that the very best you have ever experienced is just a seed of that which it could be! Think back to when you have been the most wise, most kind, and most skilled and consider this just a hint of what it could be like if you cultivated this way of being consciously. This state of mind allows you to do your best in the world.

So how do you amplify this way of being? To grow, a seed must have the correct soil and environment. So too must you have the right environment and lifestyle for the seed od the good mind to grow.

Consider it an act of kindness both for you and for the world to eliminate those things in your life that take away your temperance and disrupt your concentration.  Make it your sacred duty to undertake such a purification so that you are able to remain aware and in control of your words, thoughts, and actions at all times. So, if you find alcohol takes away your judgement then take away the alcohol, if caffeine brings aggression then remove this.  

Give yourself permission to avoid company, entertainment, and activities that steal your energy and destroy your resolve. Only when the enlightened action and higher consciousness has grown from a seed to a mighty tree is it time to test its strength against the weight of the world’s negativity.

Purify yourself with this wholesome daily endeavour knowing that often those things that harm us also addict us and call out for our attention. Freedom awaits you at the end of purification.

As the noise, bustle, and disruption is removed from your life you will see the light grow within.

Cultivate it, protect it, and allow it to shine forth.

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