The Art of Self Motivation

As time goes on I am learning more and more about the art of self-motivation. Nowadays I find that no matter what people do around me I find myself encouraged. I find the compliments and encouragements of others really empowering and I draw inspiration from the successes of others too; in fact, I find myself celebrating the successes of my friends as if they are my own. I have also learned to use the insults, criticism and mockery of others as a source of motivation. I have found a part of myself that really thrives on showing others that my words match my words.

However recently I have had a new challenge – inner doubt and criticism. That’s harder to deal with than that of others and it took me a day or two to work out how to deal with it.

Now I realise that internal forces really need to be dealt with the same way as those from outside. You need to learn to accept your inner compliments and to be moved by them. You also have to listen to inner doubts and criticism, then you have to do what you do with all critics – prove them wrong! Yes, I truly believe the answer to inner criticism and pessimism is not therapy, affirmations or medication; it’s time to silence those inner voices with actions and achievement!

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