What do you buy for the Ninja Grand Master?

I am planning to visit Japan to visit the dojo of 初見良昭 Hatsumi Masaaki the Grand Master of Togakure-ryū Ninjitsu.

Masaaki Hatsumi (初見良昭 Hatsumi Masaaki, born December 2, 1931) is the founder and current Soke, or Grandmaster, of the Bujinkan Organization, currently residing and teaching in the city of Noda, Chiba, Japan.[1] He is also a doctor of oriental medicine, specializing in the mending of bones.[2] He is sometimes called “the last ninja”, as after the death of his teacher Toshitsugu Takamatsu in 1972 he was the only person in the world who mastered all the eighteen disciplines of ninjutsu.

I’m really looking forward to visiting and would like to take a gift for Soke Hatsumi. I, however, find myself unsure as to what to take on trying to find something suitable there will be of interest and value to him. I have been trying to assert as to which text first mentioned the word ninja in English without much success. Has anyone got any ideas for me?

Curse of the Blue Moon Inn


The Unknown Elementalist


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