Coming to America

Coming to America

I love America. I like the people, I enjoy the culture and I find their history fascinating. I also find Americans far easier to do business with the many other nationalities. They tend to make decisions quickly and dedicate themselves fully to business endeavours. In fact, nowadays I sell as many books in America as I do in the United Kingdom. I am currently preparing for my next trip to America where I plan to spend some time in Washington and in Ohio.

This is an illustration of the first American flag which I believe demonstrates some of the symbolism influencing the founding fathers.

Here is the official press stuff (which if you are a mason you probably have already seen).

Lewis Masonic Open for Business to US Masons

The oldest Masonic publishing house in the world, Lewis Masonic has recently launched an American website. Founded in 1886 as a publisher of Masonic ritual books, the firm merged with Ian Allan Publishing in 1973 and has since expanded its product line to include Masonic history and related subjects. A big player in the UK, Lewis Masonic has until recently been relatively unknown to US Masons. “Now that’s changing,” said Bro. Martin Faulks, Marketing Manager at Lewis, “the US website is designed to remove the hassles of paying in English pounds in favour of paying in US dollars. We’re now able to offer our American customers faster service that is much more streamlined and frankly, easier to use – no more worrying about exchange rates.”

With hundreds of titles of Masonic interest, “there is something for every Mason, history, humour, philosophy, and esoterica, and it’s all written in English,” Faulks said with a laugh.

Please visit the Lewis Masonic American website 

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