Mindscape Magazine – Neuron Nutrition

Mindscape Magazine – Neuron Nutrition

Very proud to announce the launch of Mindscape Magazine in June 2011. The magazine will be available in all W H Smiths, Newsagents, supermarkets etc and launch at Comic-Con in the States before going worldwide. The mag will be funky, cool, have some well-known authors, loads of content, great pics, competitions, Scream Queen stuff and much more.

If you’d like to submit articles, pictures or anything else go to the website!


Interviews on the bizarre with major celebrities

Movies, Music and Books with an alternative slant

Esoteric articles & secret societies research

Ancient Mysteries

Alternative Health and Nutrition

Environment and Earth Mysteries

Features from international best-selling authors

The Druid World Today by Britain’s Chief Druid

Pagan Traditions

Alternative Science

Radical Politics


Tales of the Weird

Freaky News

Exclusive News on cults and secret societies

Alternative Travel

Dear Layla Column

Exclusive insights and features on British movies

Cryptozoology from Down Under

Exclusive column by O. H. Krill


The Art of Goodwill


How to be a Twitter Ninja


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