The Emerald Tablet – A Commentary on the Path of the True Adept

Legend has it that one text reveals the answers to the greatest mysteries. It was said that once someone truly understood the Emerald Tablet they would be able to work great miracles, turn base metals into gold, create the philosopher’s stone, heal all illnesses, extend their life or even become immortal.

Could these legends be pointing towards something more? Could this ancient magical text contain the keys to understanding all spiritual things?

Countless people feel a calling to a higher purpose, but fail to make progress without a clear understanding of what spiritual work involves and how the hidden world functions. The Emerald Tablet is a text which reveals all this and more, giving a clear vision of the Hermetic principles which will allow full understanding of the alchemical process.

In this book you will learn:

  • What is the difference between a person before and after enlightenment?
  • What changes in a person as they progress on a spiritual path?
  • How can you recognise genuine teachings and methods?
  • What are these hidden forces and how do they work?
  • What are the mechanisms behind all spiritual paths and arts?
  • How to overcome our own shortcomings and master the mind.
  • How to the raise our consciousness to higher levels.

Once this easy to understand, insightful and inspired text is read, the reader will find themselves lifted and able see clearly with spiritual understanding.

  May this text be a key to your highest potential.

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