The Mirror of John Dee

The Mirror of John Dee

Many people have heard of the legend of John Dee the eminent Elizabethan Magician, mathematician and astrologer. His studies into the Occult were legendary he was said to be the first secret government agent and had the code name 007! However his name really started to mean something when he was hired as the personal royal court astrologer to Queen Elizabeth the first.

She first approached Dee for consultancy about the possible portents of a comet that had been observed in 1577. In 1581 under the Queen’s instructions, he started experiments in trying to contact discarnate entities through the medium of his crystal ball. The idea was that Dee was to make contact with the angels of Genie in charge of each country. With the aim of taking them under control for the good of the Queens empire. The ultimate form of spiritual warfare!

After two years of struggle, Dee had some initial success but found the contact with the other world draining. Dee hired a gifted medium in the form of Edward Kelly. Kelly was a real rouge and had already had his ears cut off for the practice of necromancy.

In November 1582 using Dee’s obsidian scrying mirror, they made contact with the angel called, Uriel. Who dictated instructions for a magical talisman with which they could contact the spirit world more easily?

Over the following years using the mirror they made contact and received detailed instructions from a variety of spirits angels and demons. The Empire expanded in almost a direct proportion.

Many of their ritual objects including the Angel Mirror are now in the British Museum. I went to visit and looked into the mirror to see if the angels would appear to me. As I gazed into the mirror I saw a face staring back.

It was my own.

I found myself wondering if perhaps true angels are those amongst us who choose to secretly work for the greater good.

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