The first Recorded Meditation Technique Discovered in Ancient Egyptian Tomb!

Yes, I was excited too.  So was Dr Muata Ashby when he read this section from the Tomb of Pharoah Seti I in an old book by Wallis Budge. 

“Whosoever shall recite the words, here written, with conscious awareness of Djehuty {mind with clear and keen intellect} shall perform the rituals of sevenfold purification over 3 days {the seven psychospiritual centers} which are to be performed in the Divine presence, when this book is being read {studied, recited, remembered}

  1. And they shall make their position in a circle which is beyond them, And their two eyes shall be focused upon themselves, All their members shall be composed [relaxed, motionless] And their steps shall not carry them away [from the place of meditation]
  2. Whoever among men shall recite [these] words Shall visualize themselves as RA On the day of his birth And their awareness shall not become contracted And his house shall never fall into decay But shall endure in truth and righteousness For eternity”

So much so that he went out and trademarked the term The glorious Light Meditation started classes and published an interpretation of the text. I was convinced too but needed to check. I know our knowledge of hieroglyphs has improved since Budge and I also notice that Ashby had left out some of the more magical parts of the text such as the need to paint an image of Ma-at in green on your tongue (a common Egyptian magical technique) 

Here is the modern translation

If a man pronounces this spell over himself, he should be anointed with olive oil and salve, the censer in his hands with incense, natron behind his ears and natron pellets in his mouth, dressed in two fresh linen garments, (put on) after he has bathed himself in flowing water, shod with sandals of white leather. Maat should be painted on his tongue in the green colours of the scribe. If Thoth intends to recite this for Re, he should purify himself with a ninefold purification, three days long. Servants (of the god) and men should do the same. The one who recites this should carry out this image which is in this book. Then he increases his lifetime double fold (—) of excess. His eyes will be his, and all his limbs will be his. His steps will not go astray so that the people say of him: “He is like Re on the day of his birth !” His things cannot be diminished, nor can his gateway crumble. This is a successful method, (proven) a million times!

As you can see the key sentences that made us think this was a form of meditation have been more clearly translated. The sections about focusing on yourself and being calm are in fact the classic Egyptian promise of awareness in the underworld and the section saying done wander is saying that if you do this spell you will be able to walk the correct path in life. To me, this spell is very important but it’s not a Buddhist style meditation it’s a Hermetic style spell and visualisation.



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