The Law of Sympathy

The Law of Sympathy

Have you ever heard that some stones possess special qualities? Perhaps you have read that some herbs or plants have special benefits if picked at a specific time of the month?

The idea that some stones, metals, plants or even animals have a specific planet or star sign associated with them seems to exist in almost every ancient culture, but what could the truth be behind what at first glance could seem rather confusing  ideas?

Hermetic philosophy holds that all things are one and that in this unity, like attracts like. If something is of a specific resonance then it enlivens and attracts and is indeed itself drawn to things that are in harmony with it.

From the hermetic point of view everything you think, say, do or remember creates a frequency and colour to your consciousness. The results of which are very subtle but also very powerful!
The practitioners of old also thought the same law applied to powerful hidden forces. The four elements of Earth, Water, Air, Fire,  the seven visible planets, the constellations of the zodiac and the decans they contain all sent forth invisible rays that could have great effect.

So, for example, Venus the planet of love would shine forth rays upon the earth and these would gather in the objects that were receptive to this blessing. If we were to gain a stone that was naturally in harmony with Venus then we could carry it with us to help us “tune in” or direct the loving essence it contained.

This is one of many ways that you could attract the influences you wish into your life.

Time spent in the company of positive people sacred spaces, music, symbols sacred stones, incenses, ointments and lights were all powerful agents to bring you in line with the forces you wished to invoke.

To employ this wisdom in your life, simply consciously move towards all that which embodies the qualities you seek.

The most powerful method however for those who were ready was your own imagination. If you powerfully created the correct image in your consciousness you would be that sacred place, become the rays of the planet or force of nature you wished it embody. Great masters of the art could teach methods to firmly set this sympathy in your consciousness so as to create a new state of being reborn with blessings from above and fully aware of the higher consciousness it brings.

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