Enlightened Living

What is Enlightened Living & How can it Assist me?

The author’s definition and indeed is undisputed, as to the meaning of ‘Enlightened Living’. As we observe in every tradition that uses this term there is one factor that is present throughout and that key is harmony both within ourselves and our environment.

Having over 20 years experience in this field and dedicating his life to self-improvement and an unbroken meditation practice, Martin Faulks has indeed met and conquered many of the same challenges we may face along this journey.  Throughout his studies and experiences, he shares with us today the wisdom he has gathered.

This book holds powerful and life-changing keys to perhaps the answers to many of the problems we face in today’s society. Such as depression, a  lack of belonging, a desire for happiness perhaps feeling trapped in a life Moreover a feeling that there is more to life than the one that is currently on offer.  For those following a spiritual path often feel they wish to live a different life free from the burdens that society offers and find difficulty in integrating both aspects of life. Or perhaps but finding obstacles in their way preventing them from moving forward in their meditation practice.

All these concerns are addressed in this book.

Maybe you have asked yourself these questions:

  • How can I have a harmonious and fulfilling life?
  • How can meditation help me in everyday life?
  • How do I stick to a meditation practice?
  • There must be more to life than this?
  • What is my purpose here?
  • Why am I here?

This book addresses some of the core and fundamental causes that prevent us from entering into harmony. It also addresses these questions not only explaining the causes behind these things but also offering a practical guide to be worked through to deal and conquer each step to gain success in all areas of life. For example, how do deal with emotions to work with them and gain full control over them? How to build successful relationships and live a balanced life. All practical ways to develop and enjoy your life more.

How to Improve your meditation practice

If you practice meditation, there are keys to further develop in this area and to use the time practised to be effective in daily life. Such as developing your concentration during practice and dealing with disturbances during your practice and how to manage those disturbances in your daily life also.

These are tried and tested methods that can be employed in many areas of development to overcome these obstacles.

What is different about this book?

There are many self-help books offering amazing advice and meditation books on how to meditate. However, the author noticed a distinct difference from observing and studying the ancient art of meditation how a lack of connection has occurred between the practice of meditation and its use of a practical application of using these skills in daily life.

This book aims to rectify this

In ancient times the goal in life was to reach a state of ‘Enlightenment’  through perfection and harmony in daily life, in both inner and outer expression..This is clearly visible in the stunning relics and architecture we see in ruins today. However, over time the emphasis changed to focusing on a more internal state of harmony and less focus on the outer world. This book aims to redress the balance and bring back the understanding that we use meditation practice as fuel to exert what we gained in our practice time to be used it in daily life. The understanding that the obstacles we face in our life can be used as tools to sharpen and improve our skills in waking life rather than something that should be avoided. Thus allowing us to learn in a positive and encouraging way.

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